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SS 19 Collection

Emerging from the inexhaustible creativity of Olmes Carretti, historic Best Company designer, the new Spring/Summer 2019 collection exudes an overwhelming energy. The garments are inspired by India and the tropical seas, in their prints and colours: exotic, colourful and seductive places, where summer never ends, metaphors of a journey of new discoveries, both geographical and interior. The symbols they feature are inspired by nautical iconography and the original motifs of the Indian people of Goa, folkloristic, joyful and free.


A selection of sweatshirts, polo shirts and t-shirts in which variety abounds, a continuous juxtaposition of natural elements that range from micro to macro, creating a kaleidoscopic universe. Best Company does not forget its origins, reinterpreting, with a contemporary twist, four of its historic embroidered motifs, strictly Made in Italy, stitched on limited edition numbered sweatshirts: the now famous mallards, the tropical and the colours and scents of India, brought back to life in all their splendour and their preciousness.

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The Spring/Summer 2019 Women’s collection designed by Olmes Carretti consists of sweatshirts, t-shirts and polo shirts: colourful and carefree, ranging from floral to nautical, interpreted by a design that uses stylisation as an invitation to personal interpretation. Inspired by the Best Company’s most glorious successes, revisited with a contemporary twist, are the two historic embroidered floral motifs, made entirely in Italy and stitched on all-Italian garments, limited edition and numbered to enhance their rarity.

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“My research starts with the thread, then I consider material quality, and lastly comes the colour” says Olmes Carretti, the creative soul behind numerous unforgettable successes over 40 years.

An invented craft, arising from ideas, technical knowledge and a passion for details that truly make the difference.

Olmes Carretti

There is so much passion and desire to excite with a taste of freedom that has conquered entire generations, with his smart details and that comfortable and unforgettable fit.