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FW 18 Collection

The time traveller is back, the man of the “invented craft”, the one who brought sophistication to sweatshirts with top-quality materials, outstanding workmanship, and colours to liven up embroidery and details. With his passion and mastery, Olmes Carretti retraces the history of fashion with colours that draw and lock people’s attention.


The new Best Company collection by Olmes Carretti represents the logical link between past, present and future. Summary of the contemporary evolution of the brand.
Sweatshirts of great material personality. Beyond the time of fashions.

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The new Best Company collection by Olmes Carretti, reformulates the Best Company in a contemporary key, the search for color, the quality of the material, the new search for
tissues. Innovative garments that look to the future.

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Kids can also enjoy the colours and dynamic, positive feeling of the brand. Colours conceal vibrant hues arising from nature and the contrast of symbols to portray enticing light effects and illusions. So that new generations can also paint their joy with vibrant colours.

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“My research starts with the thread, then I consider material quality, and lastly comes the colour” says Olmes Carretti, the creative soul behind numerous unforgettable successes over 40 years.

An invented craft, arising from ideas, technical knowledge and a passion for details that truly make the difference.

Olmes Carretti

There is so much passion and desire to excite with a taste of freedom that has conquered entire generations, with his smart details and that comfortable and unforgettable fit.