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FW Collection 19

New Gen

A crew that conquers urban spaces, claims its own dimension, chooses dynamism as a tool to gain knowledge. Globetrotter by nature, Millenials and Z generation live the world as a continuous exploration, where Social and outdoor life are not at odds with one another but blending.


Pioneers of new spaces and new ideas, NewGens are members of a urban tribe, constantly conquering areas to be revisited with a post-underground culture.
Creativity influences the eyes of Best Company youngsters, who are always willing to explore new and surprising solutions. The chromatic choice of hoodies and sweaters in the new collection links exuberance and geometry, in a perfect synthesis of rhythm and creativity. All garments also have a streetwear soul, rooted in all those sports and activities where the street is the star, from parkour to motorsport.

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Music becomes vision, in this new FW19 collection: the patterns of the new sweatshirts are in fact a real optical rhythm, which marks a body in motion with liveliness. Dynamism is one of the keywords of Best Company, who knows how to adapt with style to very different spaces and commitments. Comfort and personality are the essential characteristics of the garments, to feel classy and free. And if the originality of the colours is the distinctive element of Best Company, sweaters cannot be exempted: an absolute novelty for a brand that wants to break the mold and reach unexplored frontiers.

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SS 19 Collection

Coats BC

The new collection Best Company’s coats collection is designed to offer distinctly metropolitan performance. Through the dynamism of the lines and a vocation for ergonomics, each of the jackets in the collection is able to support agility and fluidity, for an absolute freedom of movement.

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The result is garments with high technological characteristics that do not forget to dialogue with classic elements. This balance between tradition and future is thus imprinted in a design that is always contemporary, made up of vibrant colours, hinted reflections and distinctive patterns.

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FW 19 Collection

Conquer the metropolis

Through time and space: this means Across the Metropolis. Like a contemporary, liquid and multi-faceted Metropolis, the new collection combines classic elements and technology. The capsule collection, entirely Engineered in Tokyo, includes softshell windbreakers and outdoor downs to guarantee the free movements required by urban life. All the jackets are made of valuable materials, combining vegetable and synthetic fibers, balancing transpiration, thermal control and impermeability. The fabrics range from natural shades to carbon color, recalling materials at the forefront of the technological industry and the city itself.

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The charisma you wear

The new FW19 collection is targeted at them, supporting their audacity with down jackets with a charismatic design and a strong identity.
All coats, some of which were entirely engineered in Tokyo, are distinguished by their high-quality fabrics and a workmanship that facilitates freedom of movement.

Sweaters and hoodies with a renewed flavour and fit also well represent BC’s openness to new horizons. Olmes Carretti, BC’s historic designer, gives continuity to the brand’s history with his animal guides and references to nature. Knitwear, on the other hand, explores a new universe of materials, applying the philosophy of the handmade to fabrics never before seen in BC: the result are versatile and gritty sweaters, warm and pleasant to the touch.

The new FW19 collection therefore represents a transition between the past and the future, acting as a spokesperson for the NewGens, for whom hybridization and movement are the key to interpreting a world that is increasingly smaller but rich in experiences to be lived.